is an online music business 

school created by the genius Dave Kusek.

I am honored to study the business

of music with Mr Kusek via his program.



Bobby Owsinski

I am also, pleased

to study Music Producing with

the expertise of Mr Owsinski

via his Website & Books.

This is a summation of what has been happening lately regarding my music.

At The Moment, I have 7 albums to fill (that's 70 songs).

Thats a lot of time writing, recording, mixing, producing, etc. - but, - No Complaints - My Passion; My Pleasure !

I am working very hard at studying with my Teachers - Dave Kusec & Bobby Owsinski.

There's a saying within the Visual Arts, "...the painting always paints itself...".

I suppose that each song & album, will create itself too.

And, as my paintings hopefully improve with time, I hope so too will my music & any Motion Movie Pictures (music/videos) I may produce.

So, as an "Indie Artist" (Independent Artist), I can safely say, I am hoping to get better & closer with each passing day to reach my goals.


After going away for a few weeks to Seattle, I've returned home with a new perspective regarding life.

I'm not ready to share, but I almost died on September 25th while waiting to enter the Emergency Room.

I was dealing with a complex life threatening illness.

What I experienced changed my life forever.

I'm not an atheist & do believe in God.

Due to that experience, I am focusing on what I should be focusing on - my music, my visual arts, & my music/videos.

I need to leave the politics to the professional politicians.

I know now that I do not belong in politics, but rather the arts.

My best instruments are my heart & my hands.

I still & will need some time to recover fully, and then return to my intendment.

Thank you for your patience, loyalty, & understanding.


There exists several music companies.

My preference is Sweetwater, although your's may be different.

What I can say from experience is that my sales engineer at Sweetwater helped me build what & when I needed to.

Truly, if it weren't for his expertise, I would not be able to reach my musical goals.

His name is Adam Cesarz.


There exists several visual art supplies companies too.

My preference is Blick Art Materials.

There is no sales engineer, but the quality of art materials are high & best priced via the web.

Sometimes, you can find the same materials at Michaels at a lower price.


I hope the information above helps you; whether in your quest within the visual or musical arts.



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