Just for clarification purposes, I'd like to say that my political views are not necessarily the same political views of the people &/or companies that I work with. In fact, as an American Citizen, 

"I Stand With President Donald J. Trump" !



is an online music business 

school created by the genius Dave Kusek.

I am honored to study the business

of music with Mr Kusek via his program.

Dave is one of my major mentors.



Bobby Owsinski

I am also, pleased

to study Music Producing with

the expertise of Mr Owsinski

via his Website, Numerous Podcasts, & Books.

Bobby is also, one of my major mentors.

This is a summation of what has been happening lately regarding my music & music/videos:


I find it unnecessary to change much of what's written below because it still stands with the exception of removing myself from FaceBook & Vimeo.

I will be starting a new FaceBook account, a new FaceBook Page, & new Vimeo account soon.

I misunderstood & misinterpreted some of FaceBook's actions.

I now have a better understanding of FaceBook & apologize to FaceBook for any negative comments I may have made previously.

I'm continuing to study carefully with my mentors & the businesses with which I am associated with (& possibly more).

I'm continuing to improve my musicianship & am gaining a better understanding of my tools (PedalBoard(s), Amps, Software Programs, Guitars, etc)

I'm working very hard to set the foundation on which to build what will hopefully be a promising future in the arts for myself & others.

While my FaceBook & YouTube accounts will be centered around my art, my Twitter account will continue to be centered around politics supporting President Donald J Trump & this Great Nation of which I am proud to be a citizen of.

Also, I will continue to support & join the good men & women who also, support President Donald J Trump.

I have consciously decided to make this support "my cause" in my artwork.


(Published: 02/04/2018) 

As a DIY artist, I am studying as well as I can.

Just as I finish one series of studying materials, I discover a new different series of studying materials to also, study & apply.

There are 2 ways to approach this:

a) rush through the material & produce an "ok" product, or

b) take the time needed & produce an "acceptable" product

I choose the latter because that is obviously the best route to follow.

Just as any other student studying, one is not released (graduated) until one fulfills their earned credits.

Therefore, in choosing the latter, the student has their best chance to succeed in their field(s) of study(ies).

So, with that said, I continue on forward carefully studying to produce the best I can to share with all.

Yes, "forever a student" in life, but there does eventually come a time/moment to graduate & apply one's self & knowledge.


(Published: 01/07/2018)

It has been suggested by the good people of CD Baby (sister company of my website - HostBaby), that I use YouTube as my main platform & not release until I'm fully ready.

As a DIY artist, I am still very much "forever a student" & ever learning from my mentors & associates.


There are 3 stations that I use to make music/videos :

1) Music - consisting of writing music/lyrics, recording, mixing, & producing.

2) Visual Arts- where I choose different mediums to be mixed with film to later produce the video visualized.

3) Video - where I use a series of different video softwares to then produce & direct the video visualized.


I will keep this blog updated the first weekend of every month.


Thank you for your loyal & continued support!



For The Record :

a) Sweetwater is my first choice for music equipment (any "sales Engineer" would be glad to help you - mine is Adam Cesarz who has helped me tremendously).

b) DiscMakers is my first choice for Mastering my music & producing any merchandise.

c) Blick Art is my first choice for art materials.

d) Apple is my first choice for computers throughout the arts.

e) Attleboro Arts Museum is my favorite local Non-Profit Museum serving mainly New England.

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