New Artist Model

by Dave Kusek

Is An Opportunity To Learn How To Best 

Channel ("funnel") Your Best

Attributes To Make The Most For Yourself,

whether artist, producer, etc.

I've just begun attending live webinars and

Dave Is Really A Nice Guy Too - no kidding !!!

Also, Introducing Ninja Artist

Producer, Teacher, etc

Daniel Roberts !!!

Bobby Owsinski

I am pleased

to study Music Producing with

Mr Owsinski

via his Website & Books !!!

You also,

can study as well,

by visiting

his home page !!!


This is a summation of what has been happening lately regarding my music.

At The Moment, I have 6 albums to fill (that's 60 songs).

Thats a lot of time writing, recording, mixing, producing, etc. - but, - No Complaints - My Passion;My Pleasure !

I am working very hard at studying with my Mentors - Dave Kusec & Bobby Owsinski.

There's a saying in The Visual Arts, "...the painting always paints itself...".

I suppose that each song & album, will create itself too.

And, as my paintings improved with time, I suspect so too will my music & any Motion Movie Pictures (music/videos) as defined by the (LOC) - Library of Congress.

So, as an "Indie Artist" (Independent Artist), I can safely say, I am getting closer & better with each passing day to reach my goals.

Big changes (more professional) Website and Music is on it's way in the near future.

Thank you, for your Patience & Loyalty - I'm working very hard & hope not to disappoint.


You will see political commentaries on my social accounts because I stand with

President Donald J Trump

and because I believe in "AMERICAN - TRUTH, JUSTICE, & FREEDOM FOR ALL" !!!

*(IMPORTANT : Personal Acceptance - does not necessarily reflect the political views of others with which I work with).


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