Political Views


Just for clarification purposes, I'd like to say that my political views are not necessarily the same political views of the people &/or organizations/businesses that I work with. In fact, as an American Citizen, 

"I Stand With President Donald J. Trump" !

Unfortunately, due to the incivility & ever increasing violence occurring in the United States today, I am no longer posting the names of my mentors & organizations/businesses whether they be in the musical &/or visual arts without their expressed consent. The reason for this decision lies in the plain fact that I don't want any person or any persons working for any organization/buisness supporting me to be "attacked" due to this incivility in any way, shape, or form (guilt by association / guilty before presumption of innocence). In fact, I have several wonderfully talented & gifted mentors that I look up to, but their identities shall remain anonymous.

I do not lean politically to the far Right or far Left. In fact, I always voted Democrat until then, President Elect Trump came into being. However, given the choices of the 2016 Elections, I voted Republican because the USA was headed nowhere good that I could see. I constantly heard complaints from other people regarding a severe lack of jobs, major struggles to pay the bills, and expensive healthcare costs needed that they couldn't afford. I saw business after business close. It seemed as though the USA was in a rut for many years and that the USA could just not move forward. So, I like millions of other Americans took a chance and voted on then, President Elect Trump; now, President Donald J Trump.

As I Tweeted previously, "Within Every Sporting Event, There Is Always A 'Winner' & A 'Loser'. Unfortunately, In INCIVILITY - There Are No 'Winners', Only 'Losers'."

I think it's fair to say that this is a good example of how opportunities (The American Dream) not just for myself, but for many others too, can be limited because of these recent incivilities.

This does not mean that I am not continuously pursuing my work to reach "The American Dream". Nor, does it mean that I am hopping off "The Trump Train" but, rather simply changing to a less clamorous cart within "The Trump Train" to continue my studies. I will continue to Tweet *as needed* & concentrate more intently on my studies with my mentors to reach my own personal "American Dream" to share with all. Therefore, the number of Tweets regarding politics will fluctuate. Also, during the next two years, we as a Nation will have the opportunity to witness if Democrats can prove President Trump wrong by delivering more favorable policies for the benefit of "Our Country"; more so than what President Trump has already been able to do in just his first two years in office.

The 2020 Presidential Elections will arrive shortly. Never the less, President Trump is still "Our President" and the leader of "Our Nation". What will/can the Democrats have to "bring to the table" & prove to President Trump & "Our Country" that they (the Democrats) are worthy enough to help benefit the well-being of - All American Citizens ("We The People")? 

I will always continue to keep you informed monthly of anything new, within the "Updates" section of my Blog that may be of relevance. Otherwise, procedures remain as status quo as I continue to study; before being ready to produce and release (share) any new material. And, because of this commitment in politics, I have a lot of catching up to do in good time within my own work (the arts).

I sincerely hope that this escalation of incivility within the USA is extinguished for the greater of "Our Country" and that the continued pursuance of "The American Dream" with which this country was founded upon still exists, is always attainable, & will always be.





I try to learn something new within the arts whether by thought &/or by action everyday.


(No Changes Below As Of - 01/06/19)

I'd like to begin by saying that "in the background", I am constantly working on projects. Therefore, I'm multitasking projects in which some projects can be completed in a matter of minutes while most projects require days if not weeks or even months.

Secondly, I can't list all the projects to you because I don't want to get too far ahead of myself and make any empty promises.

But, I will say that when all is ready to "properly begin", I hope that you will approve.

Just as preparing for any form of construction, it does take a lot of time, stamina, careful planning, and action.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me through this website and please, realize that this Website is the "Hub" of all my updates and work to date.



My YouTube & soon other Social Account(s) will be centered around my art, except for Twitter. My Twitter account (@LidoRaposo) will continue to be centered around politics supporting President Donald J Trump & this Great Nation of which I am proud to be a citizen of.

Also, I will continue to support & join the good men & women who also, support President Donald J Trump and this Great Nation in a positive way.

I have consciously decided to make this support "my cause" in my artwork.



As a DIY artist, I am studying as well as I can.

Just as I finish one series of studying materials, I discover a new different series of studying materials to also, study & apply.

There are 2 ways to approach this:

a) rush through the material & produce an "ok" product, or

b) take the time needed & produce an "acceptable" product

I choose the latter because that is obviously the best route to follow.

Just as any other student studying, one is not released (graduated) until one fulfills their earned credits.

Therefore, in choosing the latter, the student has their best chance to succeed in their field(s) of study(ies).

So, with that said, I continue on forward carefully studying to produce the best that I can to share with all.

Yes, "forever a student in life", but there does eventually come a time/moment to graduate & apply one's self & knowledge. And, those first few steps are approaching. Again, this Website is my "Hub".

I'm continuing to study carefully with my mentors & the organizations/businesses with which I am associated with.

I'm continuing to improve my musicianship & am gaining a better understanding of my tools (PedalBoard(s), Amps, Software Programs, Guitars, etc)

I'm working very hard to set the foundation on which to build what will hopefully be a promising future in the arts for myself & others. Thus, a journey evolving & following a mindset that will hopefully be pleasing to many.



There are 3 stations that I use to make music/videos :

1) Music - consisting of writing music/lyrics, recording, mixing, producing, and mastering.

2) Visual Arts - where I choose different mediums to be mixed with film to later produce the video visualized.

3) Video - where I use a series of different video softwares to then produce & direct the video visualized.


Thank you for your loyal & continued support!



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