Lido Raposo

Last Updated : 07/22/2017


I just want to further Thank my personal health care support team.  However, I'm only going to choose two out of the team ( hat ).  

The first "Thank you" is to my primary care physician ( Dr. Katherine Treadway ) at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Dr Treadway - really cares about me.  She has several accomplished awards, publications, a clinical practice, and teaches medicine you know where.  She's always on top of my health.

The second "Thank you" is to my hand surgeon ( Dr. David Ring ), previously of Massachusetts General Hospital, also.  Funny last name for a hand and arm surgeon.  But, if it wasn't for Dr Ring's amazing talents on both surgeries on my left hand, you would not be reading this.  He's also, an avid rock guitarist himself and has his own favorite guitars.  Dr Ring was former Chief of his department, but he and his family have recently moved on to new adventures.

Today, "Thank you" to Dr. Neal Cheng my new hand surgeon.

The rest of my team, I "Thank you" all as well for keeping my body and mind ( Temple ) healthy.

Oh! Oh! The orchestra just started playing!

If I forgot to mention anyone at all regardless of the medical team (and there are many), I'm sorry!

Unfortunately, they're getting the cane ready and I need to go.