Lido Raposo

Sweetwater Sound


Last Updated : 07/22/2017

Here's another oasis in the desert! This one's located in the heartland of the country; Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  It's an incredible establishment servicing virtually the entire globe!  This company delivers superior musical supplies at competitive prices on any budget.  Sweetwater's Personal Customer Sales Engineers are scrutinized intently during the interview process.  If accepted, the Personal Customer Sales Engineers then have to spend 3 months of intense learning of the company's products!  If your looking for that perfect instrumental gift for say your niece or husband, once you call Sweetwater, you'll automatically be assigned your own Personal Customer Sales Engineer who will help you find that special something of quality within your budget.  Sweetwater will also help financially through their 0% interest for 24 months payment program, as long as you don't miss a payment.  In this day and age, where online banking is so popular and easy, missing a Sweetwater monthly payment is almost impossible.

Their website is the best I've ever experienced.  And, after a few conversations with my Personal Customer Sales Engineer - Adam Cesarz ( or 1-800-222-4700, Ext 1700),  Adam now understands my wants, needs, and budget as a musical artist.  This company also, promises a 2 Year Warranty on almost all of it's products and because it's centrally located in the U.S., the company also offers Free 2 Day Fed Ex Shipping on almost all of it's products shipped in the U.S..  

Sweetwater is well respected and supported by many different manufacturing music companies around the globe.  Sweetwater is one of the first companies to receive that new music product that everyone has been waiting for.  Also, Sweetwater has their own Recording Studio and a Neve Recording Console!  Please, experience the "Sweetwater Difference" for yourself and click on the link above to take you to Sweetwater's website and/or call to see what Sweetwater can do for you.