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( Originally Posted September 5th, 2018 )





What a way to begin a hearing! There were over 60 interruptions during the beginning

 process of the hearing of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA)

 who is the Chairman of The Senate Judiciary Committee was constantly interrupted

 by Democratic Senators such as Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ),

 Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), &

 Senator Mazie Hirondo (D-HI) to name a few. Also, there were approximately

 over two dozen Protesters removed from the hearing. The interruptions from Senators

and Protesters seemed very well orchestrated like a brick of firecrackers going off one

shortly after the other.  It was referred to as a "3 Ring Circus" by both some attendees

and reporters. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) later in an interview with FOX News

later described being "happy outside of the Clown Car".

Democratic Senators were complaining that they had not yet had enough time yet to

review the new 20,000 pages received the previous evening regarding

Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh. Therefore, the hearings should be delayed. However,

the Democratic Senators did receive about 500,000 pages regarding

Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh previously. This amount of information alone (500,000 pages)

was more information released to the Senators than about the last 4 or 5 previous Supreme

Justices combined! The initial disturbance of the

 hearing was so bad that both daughters of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh had to be

 escorted out from the hearing. Also, later in an interview Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

confirmed that Democratic Senators railed on about the procedure and then just attacked

President Trump.




( Investigative Jounalist & Fiction Author )

Woodward recently published a book alleging "White House Chaos" under the 

Trump Administration. Former White House Speaker of The House and New York Times

Best Selling Author Newt Gingrich described Mr Woodward's new book as "very sad" and

just another attempt as a smear campaign against President Trump.




According to The New York Times, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller will

accept written answers regarding his probe into any Russian Collusion from

President Trump. Jay Sekulow (attorney for President Trump) so far has not had

any reservations regarding Robert Mueller's request.




NFL Quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick continues to be

controversial besides his kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem during

football games. Kaepernick has recently been viewed in what some Americans

call an offensive advertisement supporting the Brand NIKE. This has outraged

many football fans so much so that fans are making and publishing selfies burning

NIKE products. Kaepernick has also, been seen wearing socks depicting police as pigs

during games. Even the former President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Tweeted

in support of Kaepernick's newest relationship with NIKE.




It is alleged that Hollywood's Harvey Weinstein used private investigators to find

any individuals who would threaten him regarding his sexual advances. NBC lied

to it's viewers regarding a secretly recorded video tape that was hidden from the public.

NBC suppressed certain information and is now admitting to suppressing that information.

The information involving one of Weinstein's victims Rose McGowan, explicitly

proves that McGowan was sexually victimized by Weinstein.




NBC's Chuck Todd of Meet The Press allegedly must have known about

Harvey Weinstein's involvement with Rose McGowan and NBC's coverup, but

said nothing. Allegedly, The Daily Beast is working on a story regarding the coverup

of McGowan by CNBC and NBC. Todd who takes shots at President Trump and

Conservatives is advocating for journalists to fight back against conservatives claims

of his bias.




In tonights elections, Pro-Trump candidate Geoff Diehl triumphs in Massachusetts' primary,

to take on Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in November. And, Democratic backed by

Ocasio-Cortez, Boston City Counselor Ayanna Pressley unseated U.S. Rep Michael Capuano

in the Democratic primary. Pressley supports Medicare for all and to completely abolish ICE.

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President Trump is endorsing Paul Joseph Cook of California's 8th District for the

U.S. House of Representatives.



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