Here it is December 21, 2019 and still, so many of these 36 Realistic Issues exist in Our Country.


Some of these issues have been &/are being resolved &/or worked upon by President Trump and his supporters. However, since September 12, 2019, how many more of these issues could/should have been addressed and possibly resolved if the House Democrats and the Main Stream Media (MSM) weren't so focused on trying to impeach President Trump through truly wasteful games and energy? How many American lives could have been improved &/or possibly saved?


I'm not the one to save the world or our country, but I am one voice of many American voices trying to help/resolve some of these important issues and possibly more by bringing them to light.


There are so many ways to contribute such as volunteering, but when will our politicians (not all, but some) come to their senses and start focusing/working on 'real life' issues facing so many of our fellow American Citizens (We The People) today rather than tomorrow because tomorrow may be just one day too late?


Life is not a game, but rather an opportunity to better serve ourselves and others regardless of each other's political affiliation, gender, skin color, etc. When do the partisan games end and when does the healing begin? Only "We The People" working as one team with the same one goals can truly bring positive change by answering and working together to resolve the same one question.


Time may seem limitless, but HOPE does/is not.


( Last Updated ; Dec 21, 2019 )


On September 12, 2019, the United States of America got an inside view of the minds of those involved in the Democratic Debate held in Houston, TX on the ABC Network. The Democratic Candidates were:  Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang, Cory Booker, Beto O'Rourke, Amy Klobuchar, and Julian Castro.


There were also, four chosen people of various backgrounds presenting questions to the various Democratic Candidates. After watching and listening to the questions being asked and the answers spoken, the only subjects strongly discussed seemed pertaining to Medicare for All, Free Education for All, Open Borders for All, & The Green New Deal. All of which are impossible to achieve for obvious reasons to solely invent a sort of "Utopian World" that would supposedly benefit every living American (legal or not). However, this is contrary to The Constitution of The United States and in reality is simply impossible.

When our Forefathers were constructing The Constitution of The United States, our Forefathers expressed their intentional inclusion of God based on Judeo/Christian beliefs and ethics. However, at the end of the Democratic Debate, I realized that current events presently existing within the United States were not being discussed, but neither was God ever mentioned, also.

Realizing the absence of these major subjects from all questions and answers, I began to write a list of topics (subjects) of current events that seemed more than simply 'glanced over' and rather more 'ignored' by all that participated within this Democratic Debate.

Below is my list of "36 REALITIES" that were completely 'ignored' during the Democratic Debate:


1) Abuse of Police & Agencies

2) Dishonest Media

3) Homelessness

4) Drug Addiction

5) Resurgence of Certain Diseases

6) Hazards of Vaporizing

7) Fentanyl

8) Violent Video Games

9) Google 'Control'

10) Social Media Platform (Manipulation)

11) Human Sex Trafficking

12) Impeachments Based On False Predications

13) Natural Disaster Relief

14) Civilian Safety (Day, Night, & 'Soft Spots')

15) Access to Narcan (Naloxene)

16) Mental Illness

17) Infanticide

18) Sanctuary Cities (States)

19) 'Black on Black' Violence

20) Gangs

21) Hunger

22) Suicides

23) Huawei

24) Political Harassment 

25) Border Wall (To Keep Crime Out)

26) Domestic Extremists (Violent Groups)

27) Border Child Trafficking

28) Disrespect of National Anthem

29) Hollywood Negative Influence(r)s

30) Suffering Under Western Hemisphere Dictatorships

31) Broken Democracy ("Swamp")

32) Anti-Semitism

33) Threats From Radical Islamic Terrorists

34) False Science (Fiction)

35) Infrastructure

36) Piracy


All of these 'subjects' are REALITIES currently affecting American Citizens & not discussed during the Democratic Debate. Why Not?


And, of course not to mention all the positive accomplishments that the Trump Administration has added to the well-being of America under one God.